"We Don't Deserve Dogs!"

If you've ever owned a dog, you understand that statement and most likely agree whole-heartedly. At Complete Body Daily, we are the type of people who make friends with the dogs first when attending a social event. So when one of our dogs started showing signs of getting older we decided to research CBD and the benefits for dogs.  

 6 good-to-know benefits of CBD for Dogs

"The verdict is in and just as CBD has shown amazing benefits with humans, human's best friend are also demonstrating great results." 



Complete Body Daily's products are all 100% guaranteed to be Zero-THC, this includes HEMPZ, our dog treats. CBD or Cannabidiol, is the active ingredient in HEMPZ dog treats and is completely non-psychoactive, in fact, studies have shown it to have the opposite effect on humans and animals.
Long story short, your dog will not get "high" off of CBD dog chews. They will, however, show signs of relaxation which is due to the anti-anxiety effects of CBD. 

CBD can relieve pain

Cannabidiol or CBD is so effective in pain management due to the anti-inflammation effects that doctors are considering it as a completely new class of drugs for the treatment of chronic pain. It does this by reducing inflammation throughout the body of both humans and dogs.

CBD can help treat seizures and epilepsy

There is an estimated 5% of dogs who suffer from epilepsy or seizures and these dogs are put on drugs that harm their livers and other organs. CBD has been show to work well with epilepsy and in human studies approximately 84% of children with treatment-resistant epilepsy using CBD had a reduced frequency of seizures. 

CBD can reduce anxiety

Some dogs have trouble with anxiety and the medication that they are given is terrible for their overall health. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in many studies that are outlined on our website under benefits. 

CBD can help with IBS

Studies have shown CBD to prevent colitis and help with IBS in animals. 
CBD also has great antibiotic properties to help overall gut health. 

CBD can increase appetite and help with nausea

If you have a picky eater or a dog that for some reason is having trouble with their appetite, CBD can help. The National Cancer Institute has reported that CBD can help increase appetite 
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