Log Cabin Democrat - CBD offers non-intoxicating alternative to medical marijuana

Complete Body Daily (CBD), founded by Matthew Kane and Lisa Greenhaw of Conway and Mary VanCompernolle of Little Rock, was the first hemp-based business to launch in the state.

The business launched at CompleteBodyDaily.com in February and offers CBD-infused products with the non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound derived from the industrial hemp plant.

“It has the medical benefits without the side effects,”

Kane said, adding that it is a safe alternative to opioids. “It has no THC, [the compound in the hemp plant that causes users to feel high.] It’s a non-intoxicating medical alternative.”

Kane, who grew up in Conway, spent four years in Colorado immersed in the CBD health and wellness industry before moving back home in 2018 to co-found the business.

“It provides me the opportunity to come home and create a business to help people,” he said.

Greenhaw and Kane, who are also mother and son, said educating the public about CBD is key.


“This is not medical marijuana,” Greenhaw said. “There’s no THC. It’s not intoxicating, that’s the difference. You can take it in the morning and still run a board meeting.”


She explained that the benefits of CBD are similar, including:

• Relief of chronic pain.

• Anti-inflammatory benefits.

• Anxiety relief.

• Sleep aid.

• Cancer-, Parkinson’s- and Diabetes-fighting properties.


Complete Body Daily offers a growing suite of products including a daily dietary supplement oil tincture, pain relief cream, lip balm, lip scrub and a massage oil, with future products including a pet line, coming in the spring.


“The pet products will be like treats,” Kane said, noting that they could help curb animal anxiety on July 4.


CBD products will be offered in stores beginning this month. The website includes a store locator.


“Complete Body Daily was created with the idea to help individuals question the status quo, be mindful of the ingredients they consume and embrace a healthier, stronger, more natural way of living,” Greenhaw said. “I want our customers to be as active in 20 years as they are today and combining these products with a healthy lifestyle will increase their chances of doing that.”