Matthew: All right, hello and welcome to our third installment of CBD success stories with complete body daily. Today we have Candace Mason who works at one of our favorite partners, Skinner Chiropractic, and she's here today to share her story about her experience with CBD, specifically around sleep, psoriasis and overall health and wellness. So I would like to introduce you to Candace.

Candace: Hey guys!

Matthew: Hey Candace. So, if you could please share a little bit about your experience and history with CBD.

Candace: Um, it came to us, luckily, after I started here earlier this year. We heard about the product and were excited to get started with it. It's something that I've been passionate about for several years and was excited to see it finally get out into the market. I've got two small children and so sleep is definitely something that doesn't come freely. Also stress levels, just general stress levels with work and life and kids seems to be a trigger for my psoriasis. And so I'm also wanting to lose some weight after, after having my child last year. Um, so, you know, I was, I was trying to find a way to get to all three of those things as I feel like one, one kind of fates the other. So, since I started taking the CBD products and specifically the Tincture has helped me immensely with my ability to get the rest that I need at night.  I fall asleep so much easier. I feel more rested when I wake up. I'm ready to start the day. I don't feel groggy in the mornings anymore. Also, with my psoriasis, I've used the tincture topically as well as the Soothe Cream and that has significantly reduced the inflammation levels that kind of feed into psoriasis. 

"Then of course overall with weight loss, inflammation, all that kind of stuff. I'm definitely feeling better, losing weight, my skin is clearing up, getting rest, so I'm just kind of a better person overall" 

Matthew: That's amazing!

Candace: Yeah, it's been awesome!

Matthew: So that's great. I love, love hearing that. How much CBD are you taking when you take the tincture?

Candace: I'm taking a full dropper of that and it's the 750 mg. I'm taking that - or a 25 milligram dropper, I guess is the dosage. And I take one of those in the evening, um, you know, about an hour before bed and then sometimes if I've had kind of a busier morning and I need to take kind of a break mentally, just to kind of slow everything down a bit, and be more relaxed. We have to handle the rest of the day. Then I usually take anywhere from a half a dropper to a full dropper after lunch.

Matthew: Oh great. Awesome. Well, looking at the doses and what you use it for. I know a lot of people out there are still on the fence about CBD and have heard great things but still are considering it and love hearing first hand stories. So for anybody that's out there just considering and maybe hasn't tried CBD or is looking at it, is there any advice or anything you'd like to say to someone in that situation?

Candace: Absolutely. I would say open your mind and be willing to try anything. CBD is not a cure for anything. It's not going to make all your problems vanish, but

if you're attempting to maintain your wellbeing and your physical and mental health as well, then it's definitely an important cog in that wheel of wellness.

We get adjusted, we get massages, people go to the gym, and try to eat right, and this is just another part of the whole picture to get where you want to be. you know, and that it's addressing a part of that that we can't really address in any other way. So you're getting the benefit of something that you're not going to get in any other atmosphere or any other any other way.

Matthew: Awesome. Thank you! Candace works at Skinner Chiropractic and I've mentioned adjustments being a part of a overall approach to wellness. And

that's what we see Complete Body Daily as, it's a tool in your toolkit towards being the healthiest version of yourself.

So thank you for sharing your story. Is there anything else you'd like to share before we call it a podcast?

CandaceI would really like to share, have already shared, I think, on my social media and tagged you guys, but my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's earlier this year.

She had been suffering with tremor for about a year prior and we were kind of unsure of what was going on, but once she received the diagnosis within two weeks I had the CBD products out to her, the capsules and the tincture especially, and she's had such great success with her gait, her sleep, and her tremor is almost completely gone.

So much so that her PCP and her specialists are sending her to other specialists because she's had such great success and is doing so well. So, it just, you know, it can help you with just about anything.

Matthew: That's amazing. Thank you so much, Candace.

Candace: You're welcome. Thank you.

Matthew: Thank you all for joining.

  • Oct 12, 2018
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