Hello and welcome to the inaugural CBD success story blog and podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to share success stories with CBD to hear how CBD is benefitting lives and helping individuals with day to day activities.

With this being the inaugural podcast I’d like to first introduce Claire Haun who is the “self-proclaimed posterchild” for Complete Body Daily. Claire……

(Claire) Thank you Matthew, I am honored to be asked to be on your first podcast.

(Matthew) Thank you very much, we’re so happy for you to be here because your story has been amazing and will resonate with quite a few people that are looking to implement CBD in their daily routine to help them experience similar benefits to what you are seeing.

To get us started, CBD isn’t really well known in Arkansas. How did you first find out about CBD?

(Claire) I think most people find out about new products when there is a need and I was faced with a very real need. I’m 69 years old, a retired nurse, and was in a pretty horrific automobile accident in September. I was facing shoulder surgery for repairs to the injuries from the wreck and have a condition that limits the amount of medication that I can take for pain. Being the resourceful nurse that I am, I started asking neighbors, people on Facebook, and throughout the community if there was anything that they had used that was a natural substance and didn’t have the horrific and sedative side effects of opioids that we are all so familiar with. My neighbor said "funny you should mention this, I have a friend named Lisa who is starting a new company called Complete Body Daily with natural products derived from the hemp plant."

When I lived in California in the early 80’s I studied natural healing complexes and was introduced to hemp. It wasn’t widely used as far as the oil, because it wasn’t refined to the point that it is now. But I was introduced to it so it wasn’t a foreign idea to me. So, I gathered some literature, started reading, and did my own individual research on the web. I then contacted Lisa, and as fate would have it, the day I contacted her is the day you started trials for your CBD tincture. I said “Please, bring some and let me try it.” So, she did and I started a 3-week trial taking CBD oil under my tongue 2-3 times per day as needed to see if it would affect the current pain I was having. We knew that if it didn’t affect the current pain I was having from the shoulder injury that it wouldn’t be strong enough or relevant enough to help me after surgery. That was my premise in starting the trial.

And, it worked! I was taking 750mg strength and it began to help. I noticed that I had no other side effects as far as feeling funny or strange or anything that effected my activities of everyday living. I just felt less soreness in my shoulder, it was easier for me to move, I was sleeping better, and about a week and a half in I noticed the neuropathy in my feet from an old back injury was going away. It was getting better.

So, I thought, is this my imagination or is it not? The more I read about CBD and the properties of being an anti-inflammatory and a neuroprotector I realized the vast scope of positive side effects that I could receive from it.

(Matthew) That is a great introduction! You mentioned that you started taking it before and continued to take it through the surgery and recovery process. How did it help you as you went through recovery and with the surgery? How did it help your pain through that process?

(Claire) First of all, I would encourage anyone who is interested in CBD oil to consult their physician if that makes them feel more confident and more comfortable, I certainly did. I talked to my surgeon and he said “perfect, if it helps you, great!” So, the day before my surgery I doubled my strength to 1500mg. I went in for surgery and as routine with this type of shoulder surgery, I had a nerve block. I continued to take CBD oil when I came home that afternoon and through the night. I was prescribed pain medication but I only had to take half of a tablet and instead of taking it every 4-6 hours I was only taking it every 7-8 and only did that for two days.


"Three days after shoulder surgery. I was not taking the hydrocodone, only needed half of the dosage, and certainly extended the length of time between taking it."


I was very comfortable taking Tylenol or Motrin with the CBD oil and I alternated them, I took the drops in the morning and mid-morning and if I needed Tylenol I would take them with the drops. I kept a schedule, we had sitters and nurses that came to help care for me and they knew the schedule. We instructed them about the drops and that is the way that I progressed. I am 6 weeks out now and am doing really well in therapy. I am also a big believer in cold therapy and the two in conjunction have really made this shoulder surgery not the horror story that I had heard, but very tolerable. My success and progress has really thrilled the therapists and my surgeon.

(Matthew) We’ve talked before about your surgeon’s response and his overall amazement with how fast you’ve recovered. Also, we think that is amazing that you were able to cut the opioids and get those results. With the shoulder surgery over and being six weeks out and in therapy, what side effects are you seeing from your continued use of CBD? What do you think the benefits have been beyond the shoulder surgery we discussed?

(Claire) The casserole brigade started after surgery when people would come in, look at me, and say “what in the world are you doing? I had shoulder surgery 2 years ago and I couldn’t move for so many weeks after this and you’re up and about. How do you look so good? What are you doing?" My family noticed how rapidly I recovered and as in any family, or any group, everybody knows somebody that has a condition. Word of mouth traveled, before long I was getting phone calls saying “You know, I’ve never gotten over the pain of shoulder surgery 6 months ago, do you think it would help me?” “My daughter has migraine headaches and takes Topamax every day which has side effects, negative side effects, her doctor wanted her to diminish the dosage and get off of it eventually but we didn’t have anything in our arsenal to replace it with that didn’t have equally horrendous side effects.”

When Complete Body Daily CBD tincture came, I sort of was the “poster girl” for it. In the first week that I posted my testimony, I must tell you, I HAVE NEVER have endorsed another product like I’ve done yours, I don’t go around endorsing products all the time but if I find something that is really good, is beneficial, I believe in and am passionate about, I certainly want to share it with everyone that I can who will benefit.


"Friends that have MS, Friends that have migraines, friends that have back problems, shoulder problems, neuropathy, anxiety, sleep problems. They have all called me and said they want to try it."


I am certainly not a salesman for your company and do not receive any financial benefit from giving my testimony. It is purely because we have an epidemic of overuse of pain medication and drugs that cause such negative side effects. The old adage is “we cured the patient but they didn’t make it.” That is unfortunately real and anything that I can find that is natural, homeopathic, and helpful needs to be publicized. I certainly encourage anybody hearing my story, do you own research, satisfy yourself. But, I am living proof that it works.

I stayed on the 1500mg and cut my times down per day. I didn’t need the 3 times per day because my pain level has dropped. I am sleeping much better and was out of the recliner within 3-4 weeks and able to move back to my bed. They told me I was probably going to be in the recliner for 3-5 months.

The other benefit I can tell is that I have an overall general sense of well-being. I don’t notice as much the random aches and pains of an average 69-year-old, that has been a great help. Everyone knows that when the weather changes you don’t feel as good, it isn’t as easy to get out of the chair, things like that are less of a problem for me.


"I feel like overall, my body is working more in sync."


(Matthew) One last thing, is there anything you would like for the listeners or readers to know as a parting statement being that you are the “self-proclaimed poster child of Complete Body Daily?”

(Claire) I think that we need to realize, and I’m speaking as a nurse, as a mother, and a grandmother. A lot of drugs available today are naturally grown in their purest form dating back to biblical times. Do we want, as responsible consumers, to use something that has been mixed with other components that have harmful effects on our body just to get relief when there are solutions out there that are offered to us in their purest, most natural form?

I think we have to be responsible consumers and I would just encourage everyone out there that has a problem, a pain, ache, or condition that if they had better control over, would make their quality of life better to go to your website, read about your relationship with other renowned organizations who have been doing this for 25+ years. I must applaud you and Lisa for the vast homework that you’ve done. This is a passion that I see in both of you and it is a mission. It is not just a business deal and I think that is the difference.

I would encourage anyone considering being a more responsible consumer medically and prescription wise, to go to your website, research, and to try the products. If not, you may be passing up the best thing that is out there and offered to you or you may just find this is exactly what you need.

(Matthew) - Thank you Claire!

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