CBD vs. the Cold and Flu season

It’s that time of year again….. Flu season is upon us. It is nearly impossible to not catch some version of the cold/flu before spring returns and it is important to do all that you can to boost your immune system.

We all know the importance of getting your flu shot, eating healthy, resting, drinking plenty of water, but did you know that Cannabinoids like CBD can be effective in boosting your immune system and relieving symptoms of the common cold and flu if you do catch the virus.


So, what is the Flu?

The flu is a common type of viral infection caused by the influenza virus. It targets the respiratory system with common symptoms including headache, respiratory distress, aching body, and coughing. The flu virus is extremely contagious and an infected person can spread millions of viral particles with a simple sneeze or cough.

When you catch the flu, the influenza virus is attacking weak cells’ in the body and using their resources to replicate itself or incorporate itself into the DNA of that cell. Flu symptoms are outcomes of these viruses in the body and can be deadly.


CBD vs. the Flu

CBD has been shown to ease quite a few symptoms of flu. It has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can fight pain. The omega-3 fatty acids work to reduce the inflammation and not only help you get over being sick, but strengthen your immune system for protection against other viruses.


A scientific study concluded “Cannabinoids are profoundly anti-inflammatory and impair many systems which are central to inflammatory and cell-autonomous antiviral responses” and “When viral-induced host responses lead to immunopathology, cannabinoid treatment was beneficial


"we believe cannabis extract-based medicines can help reduce influenza deaths.”


In addition, Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Chairman of the Biology Department of the University of Colorado states “Contemporary antiviral medical technology is currently not available to meet the world’s immediate challenges, we believe cannabis extract-based medicines can help reduce influenza deaths.


Closing thoughts


While it is nearly impossible to make it through flu season without catching at least a common cold, there are things you can to do help reduce your chances. Since viral infections attack weak cells in the body, it is important to eat healthy, get rest, drink plenty of water, and get your flu shot. It is also worth considering adding CBD to your daily routine through the season due to the wide range of benefits, including boosting your immune system.  

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  • Nov 06, 2018
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