Complete Body Daily Launches First CBD Infused Wellness Company in AR

LITTLE ROCK, AR. (Feb. 1, 2018) - Complete Body Daily, a new Arkansas-based health and wellness company launched this week at The company will offer best-in-class CBD infused products, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound derived from the industrial hemp plant. 

Co-founded by Matthew Kane, Lisa Greenhaw, and Mary VanCompernolle of Little Rock, Complete Body Daily is the first hemp-based CBD business to launch in Arkansas since the state approved Bill 1778 Act 981 last year which approves licenses to grow industrial hemp in Arkansas.

Kane recently spent four years in Colorado immersed in the CBD health and wellness industry before bringing experience and hemp knowledge to his home state in 2018. "I started using CBD in Colorado to help recover from various injuries and was frustrated with the cost and quality of available products on the market. So, I set out to create a best-in-class, Arkansas-Based, national brand that provides all of the health benefits of CBD at a reasonable price." Kane said. 

A non-addictive, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain and anxiety medications, CBD delivers all of the benefits of the Hemp plant without  the "high" associated with cannabis use. Benefits of CBD include:

  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits 
  • Anxiety relief
  • Sleep aid
  • Cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and diabetes fighting properties

The compound has been praised by doctors including David J. Watson, MD, a Colorado obstetrician and gynecologist. "I highly recommend CBD to my patients as an anti-pain med," Watson said. "I had a 17 year old patient who suffered terribly with menstrual pain and I recommended she start using CBD instead of pain meds. We have had great results with it. It is also an excellent alternative to anxiety medications like xanex and triazolam, most importantly it is non-addictive."

Complete Body Daily offers a growing suite of products including a daily dietary supplement oil tincture, pain relief cream, lip balm, lip scrub, and massage oil that are all available today. These products are designed to improve overall health and wellness internally and externally. 

"Complete Body Daily was created with the idea to help individuals question the status quo, be mindful of the ingredients they consume and embrace a healthier, stronger, more natural way of living," Greenhaw said. "I want our customers to be as active in 20 years as they are today and combining these products with a healthy lifestyle will increase their chances of doing that."