What Should You Look For in Good CBD Products?

CBD oil is quickly becoming more and more popular across the United States because of its health benefits, but with increased demand comes an influx of scammers trying to pass off a plethora of potentially harmful ingredients as CBD oil. Here are five factors you should keep in mind when looking to purchase CBD oil, so you can be confident in what you are putting in your body:


CBD oil can be relatively expensive, so you want to make sure that the oil actually has a high concentration of CBD, or you will not see any health benefits. To figure this out, look for the milligrams of CBD in the product, which should be clearly listed on the product label. Don’t simply look at the total volume of oil, which can be misleading. The milligrams of CBD is what really matters and distinguishes a high-quality oil from a low-quality one.

Grow Location

The hemp plant is known as a ‘hyperaccumulator’, which means it easily absorbs anything that is present in the soil where it is grown. On the positive side, this means that if the hemp plant is grown in rich soil, it will absorb many nutrients and produce high-quality CBD oil. On the negative side, this also means that if the hemp plant is grown in an area that is polluted with heavy metals, the plant will also soak up those heavy metals, which can be toxic to humans. Look for a brand that uses hemp grown in the United States, as the farmers have to receive certification by the state department of agriculture before they can grow there.

Manufacturing Process

Because the CBD industry is so young, there are not very many regulations in place regarding the manufacturing process. So, you need to be mindful of a CBD oil brand’s manufacturing process. Brands that sell CBD oil at a cheaper price are likely using cheaper extraction methods that use toxic solvents, including propane, hexane, and butane. A company that produces high-quality CBD oil uses organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol to extract and process CBD, which yields the highest amount of cannabinoids and is the safest for human consumption.


The best CBD oil is manufactured using the whole hemp plant, or “full spectrum”. The other option is to buy a CBD Isolates oil, which is a cheaper raw material that only uses one part of the plant. The benefit in using the whole plant is that not only do you get the benefits of CBD, but you also get the full range of beneficial primary and secondary constituents of the plant. These include terpenes and flavonoids that work together with CBD to boost the benefits.

Check Third Party Lab Results

Any reputable CBD oil company will happily provide third-party lab results to their customers to show that the labs have found favorable results with their products. The purpose of these labs is to confirm that the CBD oil that the company is manufacturing is what they claim it to be, has a high level of CBD, and does not contain impurities or pollutants that can make CBD oil harmful to the customer.

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