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Our Pharmaceutical grade Photocannabiniod-Rich softgels are the most technologically advanced delivery model in the market. Created with a patent-pending technology, this product contains 25mg per dose and is designed to have maximum absorption and optimum bioavailability. 

Restore gel capsules are composed of nano-enhanced water-soluble PCR hemp oil along with CBG, CBN, CBC, and over 40 naturally-present terpenes. Our micro emulsion technology creates droplets that are approximately 25 nanometers in size and provide a 3-5x bioavailability when compared to cannabinoids delivered in the traditional, oil form. 

These Gel Capsules are, hands-down, the best delivery model technology that is available in the market today. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Take one Gel Capsule as needed in the morning or before bedtime.