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Complete Body Daily’s Premium CBD products are created with hemp-derived, full-spectrum cannabinoids that is grown in Colorado under the Federal Farm bill of 2014. Our farming partners were among the first in the country to produce hemp legally in the United States and every plant is organically grown and certified under the Federal Farm Bill.


Complete Body Daily produces all products under Good Manufacturing Processes to ensure quality across our entire portfolio. Our extraction facility in Colorado uses an ethanol extraction process (as opposed to a CO2 process), as it produces a much cleaner end product. Ethanol is a product that the plant makes naturally, so it is the ONLY solvent that maintains the original chemical rations contained in the plant. This is due to ethanol extracting both the water and oil soluble compounds that occur naturally. The use of CO2 results in a product with a lower instance of bio-availability with the active ingredients of the plant being severely degraded. We always suggest to avoid CO2 extracted CBD and look for a full-spectrum product with high bioavailability.

Purity,  Strength,  Spectrum

ACTIVE CBD. Some providers inflate their actual CBD content, but you can be assured that what is on the bottle is active CBD.


Our product is 100% active CBD, so when we say there is 750mg of CBD, that is 750mg of ACTIVE CBD. Some providers inflate their actual CBD content, but you can be assured that what is on the bottle is active CBD.


Proprietary Formulations

Each of our products were developed in house by our cofounder, Mary Van, who has more than 30 years in the skin care and cosmetics industry. You will never find our formulations being used under another brand, and can rest assured that they are produced with the highest quality ingredients to ensure professional grade products across our entire line. 

Third Party Lab Tested

Every batch of Complete Body Daily CBD is internally tested and we provide third party testing multiple times per year. The goal behind independent third party lab testing is to have a neutral, unbiased source examine the content and quality of our products. This is critical in the current market, as the non-regulated state of cannabis has essentially allowed manufacturers and distributors to apply reputable-looking labels on their products, and then just market and sell them however they please. (The CBD industry is NOT currently regulated by the FDA).

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